I got more people into the brewery in one month than I had the entire year before. When choosing social media courses, I can’t think of a better one that A Brewery’s Guide to Social Media.

Beth W., VT Brewery Operator



A Microbrewery’s Guide to Social Media

The only social media course that shows you how to use social media

to engage, excite, and sell to customers in such a simple approach,

a 6-year old could do it.

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Dear Reader,


I’m not going to belabor the point. I value my time and I hope you value yours.


If you’re trying to do this whole “I’m a brewery owner” thing and you want a life of financial freedom where you can buy nice things, support yourself, hire great staff, and do what you love…


And you’ve either tried to use social media to take your business to the next level or are so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start…


I want to tell you something that all business owners wish they knew when they opened their doors.


Because if they had known, they would have saved themselves a lot of time and money.


They would have doubled their sales with less effort than they put into choosing their next fermentation tank.


If you know this, you will have an incredible advantage over your competition, and in many ways, be able to “shortcut” your way to success while everyone else struggles.


Fails over and over.


And, eventually, hires someone to do it for them.


You’ll be on the fast track to doubling your own business, reaching the business goals you’ve set for yourself, even while doing less work than the other guys.


So, what I want to tell you is this:


Your social media success has nothing to do with how many followers you have or likes you receive.


(Yes, really…)


Once you understand this, once you understand how you should really be using your accounts?


That’s when the blindfold comes off.


That’s when everything starts to click.


That’s when you start making money.


I know, because I have been doing it for brands for over 20 years.


Before there was Facebook, back when the internet was taking off.


There I was, experimenting with ways to use these new platforms to get in touch with bigger groups of people.


The progression from AOL chatrooms to Yahoo! Geocities to social media found progressively new ways of doing the same thing: connecting with others.


And it’s never been about the popularity of your space.


In fact, it’s when I help a business owner understand the real purpose of social media that I’ve watched their business flourish.


Like the business owners before you, it’s once I teach you the little-known skill I’m about to share that you can not only support yourself…


You can start building an empire.


You can create a brand more successful than any of your competitors. You can do more sales than any other brewery in your area.


(Although, truth be told, what matters even more is that you’ll now have time to do the things you love: Brew beer. Spend time with family. Travel. You’ll no longer need to worry about affording your bills or getting your kids through college. You’ll have reached financial freedom.)


More specifically, the key is understanding exactly how to take a fan and convert him or her into a customer.


That’s the tough part.


That’s where most people fail.


The good news is, it’s actually very simple!


And, it can be learned as soon as today, through these little skills called public relations and marketing.


PR and marketing are the backbone of any successful business.


They’re about building relationships.


Building trust.


And then making the sale.


And if you’re good at them?


You can make a whole lot of money without a whole lot of work.


I know, because I have done it. And I’ve helped other businesses to do it as well.


And the most accessible, affordable platform for PR and marketing today?


You guessed it.


Social media.


There’s simply no business in existence that wouldn’t make more sales with someone who knows the art of social media at the helm.


Now, maybe you’re a complete beginner.


Maybe you have your personal accounts, but you’ve never taken the step to open a business social media account.


Maybe you have no idea where to start.


I know how overwhelming it can be, but I can tell you right now:


If you have no idea where to start, start here.


There’s just absolutely zero way that learning this stuff won’t result in you “short-cutting” the immense failure most people endure before they succeed.


It’s just impossible.


Because, as I said earlier, the only thing that matters is for a business’s social media account to convert fans to customers.


And that’s the entire essence of PR and marketing.


So, regardless of whether or not you decide to buy this video series, I hope you at bare minimum realize just how crucial this stuff is to your success.


I’ve been able to achieve some pretty nutty things in a pretty short period of time, and I owe my understanding of social media PR and marketing to all of it.


Without it, I’d be nothing.








I mean this when I say it:


Social media PR and marketing are the entire reason for my success.


Which, is exactly why I’m writing this here sales letter to you today.


Because I want to get this knowledge into as many hands as physically (or in this case, digitally) possible.


Essentially, I’ve taken every foundational piece of social media, PR, marketing, and business knowledge I’ve obtained since I started over 20 years go, and condensed it all into one comprehensive, easy to consume, and easy to refer back to course.


It’s called “A Brewery’s Guide to Social Media”.


And it’s designed to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to learn social media PR and marketing.


So simple in fact, a 6 year old could do it!


Because I’ll be honest, there’s about a million different books, e-books, articles, etc. on social media.


And you certainly can and should learn from them.


But, that takes a lot of time.


This course is your shortcut to learning what you need to know.


Instead of having to painstakingly spend hundreds of hours combing through dozens of different resources, applying what you learn, seeing what works and what doesn’t on your own dime…


You can get all the knowledge I obtained through legitimate thousands of hours of actual, real world application and trial and error.


You can get it all in one place.


With absolutely zero fluff.


Nothing but pure, directly actionable information on the specific social media principles, strategies, and tactics that have put multiple 6-figures in the pockets of the businesses with which I work. Information that, if you actually apply, can undoubtedly do the same (or even more) for you.


From social media plans to scoping the most advantageous platforms to be on to understanding the best types of posts to create, I’ve essentially done the hard work for you.


Now, if you want results like this, will you have to put in the work?


Yes, absolutely.


Nothing happens without action.


This is not a “get rich quick” kind of thing.


This is a “learn the principles of social media so you can go out, do the work, and get rich for sure” kind of thing.


If you made it this far, I’m guessing you’d like to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money before you pull the trigger.


So, should you decide to invest the (in my opinion, entirely too inexpensive) discounted amount of $97 to get inside “A Brewery’s Guide”, here’s what you’ll learn…



  • The absolute essentials you need to know about public relations and marketing

  • How you can apply those essentials to your brewery TODAY



  • Who your target audience really is and how to find them online

  • How to ensure your brand is as appealing as possible

  • How to make clear and actionable goals for your business

  • How to identify the objectives that will help you to reach your goals

  • How to create an engaging social media presence

  • How to strategically choose the social media platforms your brewery uses



  • What you need to know about Facebook to use it the right way

  • How to set up and use your business account

  • How to gain followers

  • How to create popular content customized for Facebook based on its purpose, functionality, and users

  • Facebook do’s and don’ts

  • Free tools that will make your life easier


SECTION 4: Instagram

  • What you need to know about Instagram to use it the right way

  • How to set up and use your business account

  • How to gain followers

  • How to create popular content customized for Instagram based on its purpose, functionality, and users

  • Instagram do’s and don’ts

  • Free tools that will make your life easier


SECTION 5: Twitter

  • What you need to know about Twitter to use it the right way

  • How to set up and use your account

  • How to gain followers

  • How to create popular content customized for Twitter based on its purpose, functionality, and users

  • Twitter do’s and don’ts

  • Free tools that will make your life easier



  • How to create content that will help you to meet your business goals and objectives

  • How to select the right platforms for your content

  • An easy way to get ideas for content from others



  • What analytics are the most helpful for evaluating your work and where to find them



  • The pep talk you need to actually apply the gold in this course. I can’t tell you more, you’ll just need to get in there and find out!



And, that’s what you’ll find inside “A Brewery’s Guide to Social Media”.


As time goes on I will be taking the feedback I get from students and adding more bonus content as well. Once I add bonus content, the price will be increasing significantly. However, if you get inside before then, you’ll get the bonus content for 100% free, and have access to it for life.


So, if you’re ready to invest in yourself, and ready to learn the principles of PR and marketing on social media….


Just click the big “Enroll in Course for $97” button below.


From there you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you can enter your information and immediately get a link for lifetime access to “A Brewery’s Guide” emailed right to your inbox.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you take advantage of all the work my team and I have put into this.


Paul Duggan

Founder and CEO, Tipsy PR